Quantum Computer Science

[ Français ]
October 4 – 7, 2011
Peter Høyer (Calgary), Alain Tapp (Montréal)

Since the seminal work of Peter Shor who invented a polynomial time quantum algorithm to factor large numbers and the work of Grover's who proposed a technique to speedup the solution of NP-Complete problems, the computer science part of Quantum Information Processing has been quite active. In this meeting we will focus on three interconnected parts of the field. The first topic covered by the workshop is the general study of quantum algorithms. The second topic is the study of quantum complexity theory. As a goal this field has the classification of computation problems according to the resources (classical or quantum) they need to be resolved. Finally, the workshop will also cover recent results in communication complexity, a successfully field where algorithms (protocols) are used to solve cooperatively distributed computation tasks while minimising the amount of communication needed. Relevant to all those fields, lower-bound proof and techniques will also be on the menu.