Quiver Varieties and Representation Theory

August 1 – 31, 2019

Organizers: Joel Kamnitzer (Toronto), Hugh Thomas (UQAM)

The representation theory of quivers (and related preprojective algebras) has been studied by researchers from algebra, while the geometry of quiver varieties has been studied by researchers in geometric representation theory.  This activity will bring together members of these two communities to exchange recent progress and to stimulate further research and collaboration.  Among other topics, we will discuss quantization of quiver varieties, Coulomb branch constructions using quiver varieties, tilting theory for preprojective algebras, and categorification of cluster algebras.

August 5-9: Focus week on cluster algebras and quiver representations, with a mini-course by Pierre-Guy Plamondon

August 12-16: Workshop on quiver varieties and representation theory
August 19-23: Focus week on quiver varieties, with mini-courses by Michael Finkelberg and Hiraku Nakajima.

Some funding is available for graduate students and young researchers. Funding requests should include a brief letter explaining your interest and level of funding needed, as well as a cv, and should be sent to jkamnitz@math.toronto.edu .

Students should also arrange for a letter of support to be sent by their supervisor.  Requests must be received by February 28; in some cases, requests received earlier may be acted on earlier.