Closing activity – 50th anniversary of the CRM

Photographer: Rod Searcey – Copyright : The Stanford University Department of Statistics


ABSTRACT: When numbers are added in the usual way, ‘carries’ appear along the way. It is natural to ask ‘how do the carries go’? How many are typical; if we just had a carry is it more or less likely that we have a following carry? It turns out that this is very close to the question ‘how many times should a deck of cards be shuffled to mix it up’ (!). I will explain the connection in a talk aimed at a non specialist audience.

DATE: Wednesday, November 27, 2019
VENUE: Amphithéâtre (S1-151) Pavillon Jean-Coutu
2940, chemin de Polytechnique, Montréal H3T 1J4

5:00 pm : speeches for the 50th anniversary of the CRM
5:30 pm : lecture by Persi Diaconis

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Persi Diaconis is an American mathematician born in 1945. His interest for magic tricks made him leave school early on, but his fascination for mathematics and, in particular, probability theory brought him back there. He obtained his doctorate from Harvard University and he is now the Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at Stanford University. He received twice a MacArthur Fellowship and was awarded the Rollo Davidson Prize and the Van Wijngaarden Award. He was elected to the American National Academy of Sciences and is Fellow of the American Mathematical Society. He is recognized for his mathematical results on games of chance and gambling: How many shuffle does it take to make a deck of cards random? Are a coin tail and head really equiprobable? The website youtube offers several of his pedagogical presentations.

Launching of the activities of the CRM’s 50th anniversary

March 9, 2018, 4 p.m.

Conference by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (European Research Council)

Mathématiques, science et technologie, une nouvelle donne – quelques exemples inspirés par les actions du CRM

(Lecture in French with slides in English)

Université de Montréal
Pavillon Jean-Coutu
2940, chemin de Polytechnique
salle S1-151

Video of the conference.

See slideshow of the launching.

  • Luc Vinet
    Luc Vinet, le directeur du CRM livre son discours pour le 50e anniversaire du CRM le 9 mars 2018.

Photos by Richard Poissant.


March 14 – Simon Singh Conference: Homer’s Last Theorem — From Fermat to The Simpsons

Join Simon Singh, one of the world’s most popular science and maths writers on a whistle-stop tour through the bestselling books that he has written over the last two decades. Fermat’s Last Theorem looks at one of the biggest mathematical puzzles of the millennium; The Code Book shares the secrets of cryptology; and Simon’s latest book, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, enters the world of the world’s most popular TV show. Simon will also discuss his other books, Big Bang, which explores the history of cosmology, and “Trick or Treatment?”, which asks some hard questions about alternative medicine.
Date : March 14, 2018
Time : 19h30
Venue : Université de Montréal, Pavillon Jean-Coutu, Salle S1-151

Le 14 mars est le Jour de Pi ! 
Animations sur Pi à compter de 19h.

La conférence sera suivie d’un vin d’honneur  

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